Session plan: Danger Zone

Danger Zone SP


Out of possession:

  • Be aware of movement in behind you
  • Chasing teams all over the park opens up spaces in dangerous areas
  • Don’t put your defenders in 1v1 situations
  • Let defenders focus on tracking movement in behind
  • Pressure the ball to stop the other team picking a pass into your danger zone

In possession:

  • Use movement to create space in compact defense
  • Use switches of play to find gaps in opposition shape
  • Commit more players further forward when playing against a compact defense
  • Use goalkeeper and defenders in possession to draw other team out
  • Striker should occupy 2 or more players whenever possible


  • Goals scored from the danger zone are worth ~5
  • Goals that are assisted from the danger zone are worth ~5
  • Successful pass in the opponents danger zone  is worth a goal
  • Any shot

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