The learning process

Learning comes from many different sources, in formal contexts like school and coach education courses, and informal contexts like podcasts and chats with peers. People tend to have preferences as to which sources they prefer, with some people being resistant to certain sources of learning. Personally, my preferred sources are experimentation and reflection, and gaining new ideas from watching or listening to other coaches, though sports psychology journals have been some of the most useful resources to my practise despite their tendency to be quite dry reads.

The reality of coaching as a career means that most grassroots coaches will be in another line of work in a couple of years time. Many coaches start coaching with their own kids, and stop when their kids do. Many coaches are young people who move into other careers for full time work upon finishing their course. This means the lessons learned in those early years are lost, and the next batch will have to learn them again. The ‘plan-do-review’ framework recommended by the FA is great, but it’s the ‘do’ part that can be a struggle. I would add to that, to make it ‘plan-do-review-share’.

The purpose of this blog is to detail my learning process, and to share it with others. Some of whom will be amateur coaches, starting on the same paths and making the same mistakes I and every other new coach did, some will be professional coaches who are looking to take in a new perspective, some may be teachers, and some will be people who typed the wrong URL.

I consider this blog to be a public reflection of my practise, which is evolving all the time, so views may change over time.

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